@EduMatch Podcast

When I sit here, trying my very best, to develop #BookCampPD into a resource educators will seek out for their own professional learning and suddenly Sarah Thomas of @EduMatch contacts me to be a guest on her podcast – I was “over the moon!” It was my first time being involved as a guest on a podcast but my excitement about sharing the details of #BookCampPD far overshadowed any butterflies. What an amazing opportunity to explain to others about our dedicated community of learners that meet each Saturday morning! If something new and unexpected comes your direction, jump in! YOU CAN DO IT! Tremendous appreciation sent out to Sarah Thomas, who is leading this @EduMatch initiative. I encourage everyone to listen to as many of her podcasts as your schedule allows.

As with anything new, it was a terrific learning experience for me. At the beginning of the podcast, I am afraid I was too lengthy about my 40 years of experience. If you would like to fast forward to the 8:00 minute mark, when I begin talking about my passion, #BookCampPD, please feel free!

As I share during the podcast, #BookCampPD is about all of you. I can help guide the “ship” we are sailing, and hopefully, add a little wind to your sails as you take off in amazing personal learning adventures. If, at any time, I can be of assistance please just ask.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share with all of you that #EduMatch is just beginning to publish books! How exciting is this??!?! Stay tuned for more books in the near future. Would you like to read more about the book and those being published in the near future? Just click on the book below!




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