Books Calling to You From the Shelf

by Meredith Johnson

Do you ever sense one of your favorite books calling to you from the bookshelf where you placed it? It is like suddenly thinking about an old, cherished friend and quickly dashing off a text message to that person or calling them to be sure they knew you were thinking of them. The same warm, treasured emotions rise to the forefront. Can a book be like an old friend? Many of the professional books I have read seemed to “take my hand” and slowly guide me through new learning experiences that would be rolled out time and again to help children. So, to me, it appeared to be a friendship between myself and the author.

This morning, I read a blog post by Jeff Zoul. In the posting he referred to a book he had written with Anthony McConnell The Principled Principal:  10 Principles for Leading Exceptional Schools. When I saw the graphic of the book, a smile came across my face – as if I was seeing an old friend who had helped guide me at one point in my life. There is so much wisdom in that book!

book the principled principal

The experience of running across that book shifted the rocks around in my head and I suddenly came up with an idea. The chat #BookCampPD has focused on over fifty amazing professional learning books like the one Jeff and Anthony wrote. Many of the authors, like these two, Pam Moran, Rachelle Dene Poth, and others have continued to support the weekly chat #BookCampPD and the members of our #PLN. The website contains all these books and most of them, resources and a link to purchase. Since nearly all the books we have reviewed were selected by educators like you, they must be like your “old friends.” So, my idea is to have each book spotlighted for one day at our hashtag #BookCampPD. Of course, you could always jump over to the page on our website that contains all of them along with resources and a link to purchase. Or, as the tweet with a graphic of a book slides across your screen perhaps it will be like hearing it call to you from your bookshelf?

To all the authors and educators who continue to support #BookCampPD, please know how very much you are appreciated! ♥ Follow the hashtag each day and show your support for all of the authors whose books will again be in the spotlight!

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