New Teachers – This One is For You!

by Samantha Fecich

Hello readers!

A book for new teachers just hit the bookshelvesShine on
near you: EduMagic Shine On: A Guide for New
Teachers which was co-written by me and three
former students, now friends: Hannah Sansom, Katy
Gibson, and Hannah Turk. It was written to
encourage and support the new educator, to show them that they are not alone on this journey.
EduMagic Shine On is separated into eight parts,
let’s check them out:

● E – Expectations – During this section, we give you a little dose of reality about expectations for yourself, your learners, and your classroom. We begin with a prompt for readers to reflect upon about how college shaped their expectations as a teacher, leader, and learner. Then we dive into each of those expectations and reflect on how we can make them a reality.

● D – Dealing with disappointments – Maybe that’s a word you don’t want to think about
as you are starting the “honeymoon” phase of a new job. But we want to be real and
honest and, like with anything, disappointments will come. This chapter is simply a “survival guide” per se, not something that we intend to intimidate you or cause worry.
Throughout this chapter, we discuss some pit stops that you may encounter along the
journey of your first year of teaching. Remember, these are pit stops; we don’t stay; we
just make a quick stop and keep moving forward.

● U – Unstoppable – There will be days in teaching that bring you such tremendous joy
that your face will hurt from smiling so much. Days when a child “gets it,” and you can
see that lightbulb moment happen. Days where you get a hand-drawn picture, card, or gift for no other reason than just because. This chapter was the most difficult to write and work through and deals with some heavy topics, but we want to be able to share our
experiences with you even when they are hard so that you can know that you are not

● M – Making it work – We’ve done some thoughtful reflection of some hard truths of
teaching. There is a lot to think about leading up to and living out that first year:
expectations, planning, routines, management, and having a life outside of school. Time
to think about all those components of teaching and how they come together. We will do
a crash course on making it all work: from classroom management to your own sanity.

● A – All in This Together – Building Collaboration – Our students come to school with
so many needs and goals. It is up to us to work with our colleagues towards the main goal of educating students the best that we can, keeping students at the forefront.
Collaboration is key in order to provide the best student-centered education. This can
happen through partnerships, co-teachers, administration, and families.

● G – Getting ready – One of the biggest ideas new teachers look forward to completing
is…drum roll please…setting up your OWN classroom! You finally have that set of keys and space to make your own. This section has checklists upon checklists to help you get
ready for that first day of school and beyond!

● I – inspiration – We know that teaching can be hard — no one said it would be easy. It
has been a long road to even get to your own classroom, and now it’s not exactly a walk in the park either. But keeping your inspiration, your “why” in the front of your mind will help you get through the days that feel long. Inspiration is like a fountain; while you are there and you are drinking from it, it seems like you will never be thirsty again! We share ways to inspire yourself, inspiring students, and drawing inspiration from others.

● C – Check yo’self – We leave you with a few more tips, specifically on how to be the
best possible version of yourself. Living and learning the teaching experience is very
rewarding, but will also sometimes come with unfilled expectations, disappointments,
and a long to-do list. Friends, those are all part of life.

This book is laid with places to reflect and journal. It shares real accounts and stories from first-year teachers in their own words. All accounts and stories from first-year teachers in their own words. These teachers share advice, tangible tips, and resources that you can get your hands on right away and implement them into your classroom today. In addition, throughout the book, we have little sections for making the magic happen, where we share a quick tip for each section of EduMagic. You can purchase this book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. There you have it! I hope that this article inspired, encouraged, and supported you. Teachers, you got this; you have the EduMagic in you!

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