Sunday Thoughts of Changing Times

by Meredith Johnson @mjjohnson1216

Ever thought about how quickly times are changing?

This morning I was looking at the weather forecast on my phone and noticed that they shared a “Watson Insight” brought to me by CVS Pharmacy. It mentions that the flu alert remains high and provides a map outlining where this is happening in my area. Whether it’s actually high or not remains to be seen but I was thinking about how many senior citizens are affected by catching the flu. South West Florida is certainly filled with senior citizens everywhere you turn. So, perhaps, they might see this and decide to stay home? This is where the changing times are really kicking in! They could order their groceries online and have them delivered or also many restaurants have menus available with several services that will deliver to choose from. If they’re not leaving their homes, less chance of catching one of those nasty viruses! Times are changing.

I don’t know about you, but when I had small babies, I was calling my mother frequently for advice. She was the expert I trusted to learn more about fevers, cute ‘ittle rashes or sleeping habits (lack thereof). Daughters/sons today can quickly grab their phones, Google their question and find a variety of solutions/responses. Have telephone calls to mom been greatly reduced? Times are changing.

Surely, you have been up to your elbows in computer challenges that stretched your patience to the limits. I think how quickly seeking answers to technology problems has changed. This story begins with purchasing my two older sons their first computer. I can honestly share I think doing so was a disaster as they were too young. The eldest torn into it in a similar fashion that he did putting together or pulling apart his Legos. I had no idea how to help him put it back together again. Fast forward another decade and I remember helping one of my sons begin using social media. Another decade later, I was calling one of them for assistance with some aspect of using technology on a variety of devices when they failed to work. I enjoyed this shift from being the mom who was supposed to know the answers to their questions to seek out their wisdom. Now, here we are in 2020. I have to admit it took about a dozen phone calls until the message of “Google it mom” finally sunk in. No matter what device it was, the chances that the answer was right there on my phone was pretty likely.

So, each of these shares our changing times and I bet you’ve noticed one similar thread that runs true in each example? Much less human interaction. Will society adjust, reach for new and different ways to have social contacts? Isn’t communicating a societal need?

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