Kodak Moments

Kodak Moments

By Meredith Johnson

In my childhood, I have this memory of my parents inviting their friends over for dinner and after eating, they shared the most wonderful bonding experience with each other. My father would get out the screen and slide projector and set it up in the living room. During those years we kept most photographs in slides rather than hard copies of the pictures. My mother would bring in the after-dinner coffee. They would spend hours laughing and joking about the slides that were shared from vacations or momentous occasions in their lives. You see, these were the “Kodak Moments” of their lives.

As we fast forward to today, we suddenly have time on our hands to make new memories. Families today have these “Kodak Moments” stored away digitally on a hard drive or old computer. Would you consider connecting wherever these are electronically stored to a large screen television in your house using an HDMI cable? Make some popcorn and gather the family around for an evening of fond memories that will tug at your heartstrings. For one evening leave behind the latest movie or series your watching on Netflix and open your heart to memories of long ago.

May I suggest another element that will spread this joy and happiness to those you see in the photographs? You may not be able to physically be with them at this time, but the photographs will bring back marvelous memories. Perhaps these are family members, friends or those you worked with over the years. It seems that time has quickly slipped by and many of us will have digital photographs that are three decades or more old! My idea is to create a special folder or two. As you come across a photograph, that means the world to you or would bring back a fond memory for others, you quickly save the snapshot into that folder. Perhaps the next day you will have time to electronically share the ones that are tucked away in that folder with others. It can be your way of lifting the spirits of others during this time of uncertainty and letting them know how much having them in your life means.

I have a favorite Paul Anka song “Times of Your Life.” Years ago I purchased a machine that transforms slides into digital images. One summer I created DVDs of these for all our family members. In the background, I added Paul Anka’s song as a soundtrack. Photos can bring such joyful memories into our lives. I wish you and your family joy during this unplanned, special time you have together.

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