You Want Me To set another goal in life?

Can you imagine how many sessions I attended about goal setting during the forty years I was in education? You have a number in your head? Take that times ten and you are probably pretty close! When I saw the #BookCampPD fall/winter poll results included Debra Eckerling’s book Your Goal Guide, (2020) I wondered what aspect of her new book encouraged so many educators to cast their votes for it. It didn’t take reading too many pages until I found this out.

What an absolutely witty way to craft the writing of a book so educators all across the globe would embrace the steps Debra shares. It was anything but a boring as she guides the reader through visualizing a goal, writing a biography, exploring different destinations and many fun filled other steps. I was having the best time reading through the chapters and imagining what the future could hold.

I can’t wait to share a copy of this book with others! I am sure you’re busy with your own life and all of the challenges it brings with it – yes, that’s the journey. My imagination sets sail when thinking about how my life would have been enriched IF I would have read this book in my younger years. No worries, there’s always plenty of time to set a new goal and work toward it. Are you with me?

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