What Provided Your Motivation to Begin Using Technology?

By Meredith Johnson

January 9, 2021

Step back in time twenty-eight years ago, this is when I first began using a computer. My father purchased one of the first Gateway laptop computers for me to use. He had the amazing insight to realize that home computers would be a game-changer. I remember him telling me, “You should have ever opportunity to be in the forefront of leading the way in the field of education with using a computer.” At that point in time, I surely couldn’t imagine how that would ever happen!

Fast forward to 2021. The graphic below shares the growth of the webpage, that corresponds with the Twitter chat #BookCampPD. bookcamppd.com/books/ It’s exciting to see 2021 as a tiny blip, just beginning, and wondering how many educators will reach out and use the resources on the web site to assist in their professional learning.

To better understand the chart, I searched out the definition WordPress shares of ‘views’ and ‘visitors.’

Views and Visitors

The two main units of traffic measurement are views and unique visitors. A view is counted when

visitor loads or reloads a page. A visitor is counted when we see a user or browser for the first time in

a given period (day, week, month).

All I know is that I feel so grateful when I check these statistics and realize that resources on the site are being used and are perhaps helping a teacher or principal. I bet my father is looking down and broadly smiling in knowing the part he played in my beginning steps in using a computer. Thank you, Dad!

Thank all of you for what you do for children every day!

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