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instant relevance


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book Dunk Tank2

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From Co-Author, Rick Jetter

The Dunk Tank book concept came after an extremely dark time in my career and life.  I failed to bring a tumultuous and toxic school district together and learned more about education and myself, as a person, by experiencing grave adversity and defeat.  It is the strength that I now have and the blessings to move forward that matter more to me than any “job.”

Dunk Tank graphic

I wrote about my experience in Mandy Froehlich’s book, The Fire Within, and live a healthier and happier life now more than ever before.  I returned to the classroom this year and have the honor to work with over one hundred 9th graders at the Western New York Maritime Charter School–which is 15 minutes from my house.  The Dunk Tank is about recognizing adversity but learning how to prevail in anything that we do.  I am honored to share my story with you.

One of my favorite all-time memes is:

Dunk Tank graphic 2


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book shift this

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From Joy Kirr:  When I heard from a reader that “Universities should consider this book as part of their teacher training,” I thought, “Wouldn’t that be a dream?” Consider this – if every new teacher focused on students first, and curriculum was easier for students to learn due to that culture created. Consider these students being able to learn through feedback only – without the stress of grades. Highest praise, indeed. I’m looking forward to seeing how classrooms shift based on what teachers believe is right and good for our students.


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From Kathleen McClaskey: Building a strong relationship with each learner is key in creating learner-centered environments. So where do you begin? Begin with the learner and with this question: “How can learners understand how they learn best so teachers can Discover the Learner in Every Child?” Empower each learner to tell their story of whom they are and how they learn to build a lasting and trusting relationship this year. Let them share their hopes and dreams, passions and interests and the strengths and challenges in the what, how and why of their learning. Then create a plan with each learner so they can develop the skills to support a challenge of enhance a strength so that agency and self-advocacy can be realized.

book Launch


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teach like finland 2


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book lead like a pirate 3


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table talk math book


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book shattering the perfect2


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explore like a pirate


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hacking homework 4


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learn like 3


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book unmapped potential


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hacking leadership4


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hacking project based learning


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book feedback that moves

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place with book summary by authorFrom Patty McGee:  When one reader said that Feedback that Moves Writers Forward should win a “humane teaching” award, I knew then that my rookie book truly shared what was in my head and heart. I’m filled with gratitude for educators who have chosen to nurture the writer’s identity as much as the writing itself, knowing that these are symbiotic.

My wish is that this book never finds a place on a bookshelf but rather is a sidekick to your teaching. So many resources from thinksheets to teaching tools are available on the (free!) companion website to keep in hand to showcase a writer’s strength and invite them into a new opportunity in writing, a next step of growth. I think the video of the conference with Alejandro may be my favorite…

Here’s to feedback that works!

four oclock faculty book


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book gift of


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YouTube video from SXSW EDU Keynote


social leadia4

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From Jennifer Casa – Todd:  My favorite quote from the book is: How are we showing students that they can make a positive difference today?

Complementary website at and my own website is

book ditch


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book writing on the


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book teach like


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principled principal

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From Jeff Zoul:  The job of school principal is one of the most demanding and important jobs I have ever held. Moreover, no job–other than classroom teacher–impacts how successful our students will be. Although I have read hundreds of books on leadership in general, I have read only a few that focus specifically on the role of the school principal, which is one reason I wanted to work with Anthony McConnell on The Principled Principal. We begin the book with one of our favorite quotes which we think applies to effective school leaders: “When you base your life on principles, most of your decisions are already made before you encounter them.” School administrators are charged with fulfilling a wide variety of responsibilities. In this book, we examined ten such responsibilities and identified the beliefs and behaviors we have seen outstanding principals exhibit on a daily basis in order to lead with excellence.

Website with resources

Anthony McConnell, The Principled Principal – IPA Talk

Read recent blog post from author Anthony McConnell

Read recent blog post from author Jeff Zoul

To listen to an audio podcast – with Jethro Jones who interviews instructional leaders from around the nation to learn and teach what it takes to become a transformative principal.


book culturized


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book code breaker

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Resources – presentations, blog postings



book summer chat - Path to Serendity


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Book Talk



book - summer chat 2

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book - recommendation24

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From the authors – We think the term “lifelong reader” is more than a slogan or jargon in a mission statement. Lifelong readers need passion, agency, and a sense of inquiry in their reading lives. They also need books.  Every child deserves the opportunity to become a lifelong reader. It’s All About the Books will help you transform how you organize books across the entire school to make each teacher’s book supply seem endless in the eyes of a reader. Teachers must have easy access to what they need, when they need it, because in the life of a reader the right book at the right time makes all the difference.  We want this book to impact the lives of teachers and students directly so w are donating all author royalties it generates to the Book Love Foundation.  Book Love is a not-for-profit organization with one goal: to put books in the hands of readers. Help us do that by buying a copy of our book – it’s a win-win for everyone!

FB Group

Study Guide

YouTube channel


Book Talk

book summer chat - From Striving to Thriving


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book summer chat - professionally driven

From Jarod:  A few years ago, my educational hero and 4th grade teacher was considering leaving the profession after 24 years. Why? Because she felt she wasn’t being treated as a professional anymore and this was causing unnecessary stress. This broke my heart, because she was my favorite teacher. This has motivated me to rethink adult learning in today’s educational system. How can we re-empower ALL educators (teachers, admins, instructional coaches, etc.) to be the best version of themselves? I truly feel the Professionally Driven model does this. It reignites our WHY while providing the HOW. We must reclaim and redefine the letters PD so we may create the right conditions to empower ALL educators, and in turn…empower our student-learners.

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Additional Resources


YouTube Channel

Voxer Group

Book Study

book summer chat - Being the Change

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Study Guide




book - recommendation future

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Released November 12, 2018

Sara Holbrook receives Jane Addams Peace Award for her novel “The Enemy”



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Lead with Literacy quote for web page

In my own journey as a student, some educators sparked my love of reading by introducing me to books that made me hungry to read. These teachers motivated me with new book suggestions, prompted me to challenge myself with a new genre, and encouraged me to lose myself in stories that were woven so delicately and seamlessly that they took me to another world. Those are the teachers who made me want to read more, and those are the kinds of experiences all students deserve. Those are the type of teachers I want to model as a leader.

book - recommendation 55


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book - possible for future

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From Lauren and Jonathan:  Lauren Porosoff teaches middle school English at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in Bronx, New York. At Fieldston, she’s served as a grade-level team leader and a diversity coordinator and led curriculum-mapping and professional development initiatives. An educator since 2000, she has also taught middle school history at the Maret School in Washington, DC and second-, fifth-, and sixth-grade general studies at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, Maryland.

Helping students make their work meaningful has been a constant in Lauren’s teaching practice. This interest led her to learn about methods of values-guided behavior change in acceptance and commitment therapy, relational frame theory, applied behavior analysis, motivational interviewing, and other applications of contextual behavioral science. Informed by these methods of values-guided behavior change, Lauren developed applications for the classroom, such as processes for curriculum design. Lauren received a bachelor’s degree in English from Wesleyan University and a law degree from George Washington University.

Jonathan Weinstein, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and Suicide Prevention Coordinator at the VA Hudson Valley Health Care Service, and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at New York Medical College. Jonathan did his undergraduate work at Vassar College, a Masters in Public Administration at NYU, and a Ph.D. at the University of Mississippi.

Given his own experiences as a special needs student, Jonathan has had an enduring interest in a science of empowerment.  In addition to co-authoring of Empower Your Students: Tools to Inspire a Meaningful School Experience, Jonathan’s publications can be found in Behavior and Social Issues, The Psychological Record, Salud y Drogas, and the the PBS NewsHour blog. Jonathan, and his co-author, Lauren Porosoff, are currently working on a new book aimed at helping teachers to integrate elements of CBS into their delivery of the academic curriculum.

Jonathan and Lauren live in Scarsdale, NY, and have two special children, one is on the Autism Spectrum, and the other is also amazing in ways that defy categorization.

Free Reproducible and suggested resources

Web site

PBS Newshour blog in response to the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

book - recommendation10


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Video – Part I, Video – Part II, Video – Part III

Website – Lives in the Balance

Coffee Klatch– Dr Ross Greene – Explosive Child




book recommendation29

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From Jay Billy:  Lead With Culture: What Really Matters In Our Schools is the first book in the Lead Like A Pirate Series. This book was intended to pull out specific aspects of LeadLAP and go deeper. School Culture is really such a huge topic but something I am very passionate about. The book was really inspired from a presentation that Beth Houf and I gave in 2017. Dave Burgess (TLAP) and Shelley Burgess (LeadLAP) really supported the writing and pushed me to share my story and were supportive throughout the process. I’m so passionate about all of the themes in the book that it’s really hard to call out one area that I would focus on first. I feel that the “Culture Thing” is something you have to work on every single day.

Podcast –

book - recommendation 47

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Summary of book – Table of Contents and Chapter 1




book - recommendation 38

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Interview with Kylene Beers

From Middle Web – article by Lisa Belcher

Video – discussing their book


book - recommendation19

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Video – Summary of book

Video – Part I, Part II, Part III Part IV

Podcast – CoolCatTeacher by Vicki Davis




book - recommendation12a


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Ted Talk – Start With Why

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