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What Provided Your Motivation to Begin Using Technology?

By Meredith Johnson January 9, 2021 Step back in time twenty-eight years ago, this is when I first began using a computer. My father purchased one of the first Gateway laptop computers for me to use. He had the amazing insight to realize that… Continue Reading “What Provided Your Motivation to Begin Using Technology?”

You Want Me To set another goal in life?

Can you imagine how many sessions I attended about goal setting during the forty years I was in education? You have a number in your head? Take that times ten and you are probably pretty close! When I saw the #BookCampPD fall/winter poll results… Continue Reading “You Want Me To set another goal in life?”

what prompted you to join twitter?

By Meredith Johnson – @mjjohnson1216 June 18, 2020 What prompted you to join Twitter? This was a question I tweeted out on May 23, 2020 and again the next day. I found the question received 81,084 impressions and 2,170 engagements. Quite impressive! I posted… Continue Reading “what prompted you to join twitter?”

Organizing Memories

Organizing Memories By Meredith Johnson Over the years of my life, I have had the wonderful experience of having three sons who are now adults. I also was fortunate to have my parents into their 80’s and 90’s! Unfortunately, two of my three brothers… Continue Reading “Organizing Memories”

Kodak Moments

Kodak Moments By Meredith Johnson In my childhood, I have this memory of my parents inviting their friends over for dinner and after eating, they shared the most wonderful bonding experience with each other. My father would get out the screen and slide projector… Continue Reading “Kodak Moments”

Sunday Thoughts of Changing Times

by Meredith Johnson @mjjohnson1216 Ever thought about how quickly times are changing? This morning I was looking at the weather forecast on my phone and noticed that they shared a β€œWatson Insight” brought to me by CVS Pharmacy. It mentions that the flu alert… Continue Reading “Sunday Thoughts of Changing Times”

Feedback Grows All Learners

by π•ƒπ•–π•§π•š π”Έπ•π•π•šπ•€π• π•Ÿ @levi_allison42 Is feedback important to you? Are you searching for feedback to improve? When do we give our students feedback on their understanding? Feedback is such a personal moment for individuals. It is the moment that one opens themselves to be… Continue Reading “Feedback Grows All Learners”

Yes! Teachers Across the Globe Are Using Twitter – Are the Leaders Who Surround You Also Learning on Twitter?

By Meredith Johnson @mjjohnson1216 – Moderator of #BookCampPD Is Twitter the β€œbe all to end all” in terms of professional learning? Of course not. Can it provide tremendous insight into the experiences of others, resources, a sounding board for new ideas and a sense… Continue Reading “Yes! Teachers Across the Globe Are Using Twitter – Are the Leaders Who Surround You Also Learning on Twitter?”

New Teachers – This One is For You!

by Samantha Fecich Hello readers! A book for new teachers just hit the bookshelves near you: EduMagic Shine On: A Guide for New Teachers which was co-written by me and three former students, now friends: Hannah Sansom, Katy Gibson, and Hannah Turk. It was… Continue Reading “New Teachers – This One is For You!”

Books Calling to You From the Shelf

by Meredith Johnson Do you ever sense one of your favorite books calling to you from the bookshelf where you placed it? It is like suddenly thinking about an old, cherished friend and quickly dashing off a text message to that person or calling… Continue Reading “Books Calling to You From the Shelf”

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