Fall Focus Books

September 8 – Guest Moderator – Dr. Rosa Perez-Isiah @RosaIsiah and  September 15, Guest Author, Shane Safir @ShaneSafir “The Listening Leader”

The Listening Leader

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The Listening Leader is a practical guide that will inspire school, district, and teacher leaders to make a substantive change and increase equitable student outcomes. Rooted in the values of equity, relationships, and listening, this luminous book helps reimagine what is possible in education today.


September 22 and 29- Guest Moderator – Derrick Schellenberg @Mr_Schellenber – “Fast Forward” – Author, Marc Isseks @marcisseks on the 29th

Forward Fast


Reminder 22 and 29

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FORWARD FAST explores the extraordinary impact that the internet and web-enabled devices have had on schools. Educational leader and author, Marc Isseks, conveys the need for today’s classrooms to be centers of context, not content. In this exciting new world, principals, teachers, parents, and students have the opportunity to permanently transform learning and redefine what meaningful instruction is all about.


October 6  – Guest Moderator – Cristina Dajero @CristinaDajeroand and October 13th Guest Author, Kelly Hoggard @ChampForKids Book – “Champ For Kids”

Champ for Kids


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This book is for every teacher, no matter their level of experience. For seasoned veterans confidently navigating around the ring, find inspiration to continue to push on into the next round. For educators that feel as though every time they get on their feet, they are bruised and battered by another jab, make connections to this book to help develop a solid foundation towards becoming a champion.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–October 20 – Guest Moderator – @MsJachmiak and on October 27th, Guest authors Lauren Porosoff/Jonathan Weinstein. Book – “Two for One Teaching”

Two For One Teaching Copy of Copy of Untitled Design

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Fully prepare students to live fulfilling lives by making their learning meaningful. In Two-for-One Teaching, authors Lauren Porosoff and Jonathan Weinstein outline how to seamlessly incorporate social-emotional learning into academic classrooms. Empower students to discover what matters to them using protocols and strategies derived from contextual behavioral science to promote student agency, inclusivity, collaboration, engagement, and motivation.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–November 3 – Guest Moderator, Rachelle Dene Poth, and November 10th Guest Author – Hamish Brewer “Relentless”


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Be Relentless!

Hamish Brewer (aka the Tattooed Skateboarding Principal) grew up in a home disrupted by poverty, addiction, and family dysfunction. He understands the feelings of fear, lostness, and desperation that overwhelm too many children today—because that was his life. That experience is what drives him to work relentlessly to empower people living in the toughest areas to envision and create a better future for themselves.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–November 17 – Guest Moderator, and November 24th, Guest Authors Nathan Maynard/Brad Weinstein – Book – “Hacking School Discipline”

Hacking Discipline

REMINDER NOV 17 24Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of we have a new time

Eliminate old-school punishments and create a community of responsible, productive learners

Are you or your teachers frustrated with carrots and sticks, detention rooms, and suspension–antiquated school discipline practices that simply do not work with the students entering our classrooms today? Our kids have complex needs, and we must empower and embrace them with restorative practices that not only change behaviors but transform students into productive citizens, accountable for their own actions.

Meredith Johnson
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