Friends and Reading – #FAR

Let’s get engaged with other educators, when your schedule permits, about books that will be highlighted during June, July and August at #BookCampPD. You can tweet anytime, day or night beginning June 1st! You have all day to tweet, retweet and reply to colleagues.

Hope you will get as excited as I am about the following, ongoing activities, that will take place during the four weeks each book is highlighted.

How You Can Jump Into Participating!

#BookCampPD certainly believes in educators having a voice and choice in their learning. We use the #BookCampPD Choice Board that is highlighted below to create the daily prompts. The Choice Board focuses on quotes, photos, sketch notes, pages from the book and ideas when asking those who participate to Share/Respond/Tag in the tweets they create related to the spotlighted book.

Each day when you follow the hashtag #BookCampPDyou will see a prompt like this one. Please take a minute to respond and when checking out what others that day have tweeted, extend the learning and comment on their idea.

Several times each day a question, related to the book that is highlighted, will be posted at the #BookCampPD hashtag for you to respond to. If you miss the stream when the question is posted, just search #BookCampPD and you will find the question. Be creative!

Guest Authors

Sunday at 7:30 PM ET, we are often fortunate to have the guest author(s) join the #BookCampPD weekly chat. One amazing #PLN member or the author suggests chat questions, and the times they “drop,” be shared. This enables those who have a busy life or vacation plans, that keep them from sharing their ideas, to schedule them using Tweetdeck or whatever program they like using. The questions are always posted on the website that accompanies weekly chats —> QUESTIONS If you miss one of them or want to grab a resource/idea that someone mentioned during a chat, you can also review what was shared by others —> SUMMARY of CHAT

Guest Moderators and Sketch Note Artists

I can’t say enough about the tremendous appreciation I have for the following educators who agreed to be a guest moderator or sketch note artist during our summer #FAR professional learning. What lead learners they are!! Please thank them when you have a minute.

Have an Idea That Would Enrich the Summer Professional Learning – #FAR – Friends and Reading Concept?

Hearing your ideas of how to make this summer even better in connecting with others about the books you’re reading would be GREATLY appreciated! Please share any ideas by dropping me a DM – Direct Message. Together we can make this an amazing summer of professional learning with each other!