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Join us each day, when your busy schedule allows, as we use the hashtag #BookCampPD to learn together about the content in each of our four focus books.

Over 3,000 educators voted and selected these four from a list of 44 stellar professional learning books.

Join any time during August!

Here’s our current focus book. Click on the link below the graphic to purchase the book.

Calendar of Events  – once you’re on this site, press on the name of the month to order a book(s)

Here are the dates for the two remaining books with the guest moderators or dates the authors will join the chat also listed.

Here’s the Choice Board we’ll be using for each book.

CLICK HERE –> for enlarged view of the Choice Board 

During each day, Choice Board prompts will be shared at the hashtag #BookCampPD for you to respond to whenever your schedule allows. Of course, the choice is totally yours as to which activity on the Choice Board you select for each day. Responding to the tweets of others is also encouraged to keep the conversations flowing each day.

Here’s an example from the Choice Board

Our hope is that by having the opportunity to learn together about top-notch professional learning books it will enhance your restful summer!

Meredith Johnson
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