Summer Survey

Making decisions about what books you are planning to read for your professional learning is an exciting process. Here are details about the books that have been included in the #BookCampPD Summer Survey.


Recommended by Amanda Bridges, @MrsBridges6


YH, high school choice read

“The best-selling author of The Martian returns with an irresistible new near-future thriller – a heist story set on the moon.”

Becoming Better Grownups

Recommended by Brent Coley @brentcoley


“Now, in this playful and buoyant book, he shares those insights with rest of us – timeless, often surprising lessons that bypass the head we’re always stuck in, and go straight to the heart we sometimes forget.”

Chart a New Course

Recommended by Jaime Donally


In researching the top skills students need to succeed in the future, author Rachelle Dene Poth identified the following: ability to communicate, work in teams, think creatively, problem-solve and design. This book shows educators how to help students develop these essential skills through authentic, real-world learning experiences, building a pathway for the future of learning and work.

Everyday Instructional Coaching Seven Daily Drivers to Support Teacher Effectiveness

Recommended by Lauren Porosoff @LaurenPorosoff


“Instructional coaches play a crucial role in helping educators meet the ever-changing demands of effective teaching and learning. With this practical guide, coaches will discover seven drivers they can use to best support teachers in their daily work: (1) collaboration, (2) transparency, (3) inquiry, (4) discourse, (5) reverberation, (6) sincerity, and (7) influence.”

Evolving Learner

Recommended by Colleen Gurney

“What can kids teach us about educational practices? It turns out, plenty. PD is evolving into professional learning (PL), where personalized experiences focus on goals and outcomes, rather than seat time. In Evolving Learner, successful PL is framed through three critical sources: learning from kids, from peers, and from the world.”

Excellence - Every classroom every lesson Amazon

“Excellence: Every Classroom, Every Lesson, Every Day is the story of the transformation of a principal from new and inexperienced but good-hearted to a highly effective leader and motivator. The realistic fiction story is based upon the author’s experience coaching administrators and working with both underperforming schools and high-achieving schools while weaving in lessons from foundational leadership books from both business and education.”

Five Levers to Improve Learning at your SchoolRecommended by Alex T. Valencic, Ed.M. @alextvalencic


“Too often, educators are simply pulling the wrong levers, say Tony Frontier and James Rickabaugh. They explain that the various components of schooling fall into five categories: structure, sample, standards, strategy, and self. Understanding how these five levers work– and their relative power–can help unlock the potential for lasting improvements in teaching and learning.”

From the Ashes

Recommended by Derrick Schellenberg @Mr_Schellenberg


In this extraordinary and inspiring debut memoir, Jesse Thistle, once a high school dropout and now a rising Indigenous scholar, chronicles his life on the streets and how he overcame trauma and addiction to discover the truth about who he is.”

Getting Past Childhood Bullying

Recommended by Paul Amirault @paulamirault1


“Bullying at school left scars on me. In time, I learned to face the childhood trauma, and so can you. The free fall that began when you were tormented by bullies can end.

I learned through trial and error. My experiences can make your path easier.

The memories of bullies at school are no longer yours to handle alone. This book offers a 4-part program for healing and recovery.”

Go with the flow

Recommended by @mrsschwerman


Normally, I wouldn’t add a graphic novel for young adults onto this page but I found the friendship, female empowerment, and women’s health issues that are detailed in this book might be a great jumping-off point for professional learning by educators.

Google Infused Classroom

Recommended by Kristin Merrill @friendsinfourth


A Great Book to Support Online and Remote Learning

Looking for ways to use technology to improve learning outcomes and make lessons come alive?

This book is written for every teacher who wants to amplify teaching and learning in the classroom using powerful online tools that put learning first!”

Hacking Assessment

Recommended by Derrick Schellenberg @Mr_Schellenberg


“”What’s my grade? What’s it worth? Is there extra credit? Is this for a mark? ” It’s time to shift the conversation and make learning visible. Now, you can easily stop reducing students to a number, letter, or any label that misrepresents learning and assessment in education.”

Happiness in Education

Recommended by  Lynn Thomas @THOMLYNN101


“This book will get you thinking about how happy you are in your career and give you practical strategies to make changes that will truly impact your happiness. Packed with research and inspiring stories, you will end each chapter inspired and excited to try new job-embedded ways to find more joy at work.”

How to be an antiracist

Recommended by Derrick Schellenberg @Mr_Schellenberg and Joe Truss @trussleadership


“Kendi weaves an electrifying combination of ethics, history, law, and science with his own personal story of awakening to antiracism. This is an essential work for anyone who wants to go beyond the awareness of racism to the next step: contributing to the formation of a just and equitable society.”

Is Everyone Really Equal

Recommended by Derrick Schellenberg @Mr_Schellenberg


“Based on the authors’ extensive experience in a range of settings in the United States and Canada, the book addresses the most common stumbling blocks to understanding social justice. This comprehensive resource includes new features such as a chapter on intersectionality and classism; discussion of contemporary activism (Black Lives Matter, Occupy, and Idle No More); material on White Settler societies and colonialism; pedagogical supports related to “common social patterns” and “vocabulary to practice using”; and extensive updates throughout.”

Make Waves

Recommended by Melanie @MrsKlimkowski


“In Make Waves! Hal discusses 15 attributes of a great leader. In Make Waves! Hal discusses 15 attributes of a great leader. He shares his varied experience as a teacher, leader, a player in the N.F.L., and a plethora of research to take you on a journey to emerge as leader of significance.”

Next-Level Teaching Empowering Students and Transforming School Culture Recommended by Tika @tikaee


“With unstoppable enthusiasm, in Next-Level Teaching Alsheimer demonstrates how educators can: •generate productive excitement in students using nonacademic strategies;•transform student enthusiasm into engagement;•create powerful relationships with students and colleagues; •seek out every chance to be a positive, motivating influence; and•become valued assets not only in the classroom but throughout the school.”

Obstacle is the way

Recommended by Rachelle Dene Poth


“We are stuck, stymied, frustrated. But it needn’t be this way. There is a formula for success that’s been followed by the icons of history – from John D. Rockefeller to Amelia Earhart to Ulysses S. Grant to Steve Jobs – a formula that let them turn obstacles into opportunities. Faced with impossible situations, they found the astounding triumphs we all seek.

Radical Candor Amazon 

“The idea is simpleYou don’t have to choose between being a pushover and a jerk. Using Radical Candor—avoiding the perils of Obnoxious Aggression, Manipulative Insincerity, and Ruinous Empathy—you can be kind and clear at the same time.

Kim Scott was a highly successful leader at Google before decamping to Apple, where she developed and taught a management class. Since the original publication of Radical Candor in 2017, Scott has earned international fame with her vital approach to effective leadership and co-founded the Radical Candor executive education company, which helps companies put the book’s philosophy into practice.”

Read The World

Recommended by Suzanne Porath @LitProfSuz


“In Read the World, Kristin Ziemke and Katie Muhtaris draw from their own rich pedagogical background and classroom experience to provide teaching strategies and flexible lessons that support students in acquiring the skills they need to thrive-academically, socially, and emotionally-in today’s digital world. Kristin and Katie layer research-based instructional strategies, a student-centered approach, and strategic use of technology to outline a path….”

Pegs book

Recommended by Tika Epstein @Tikaee


Ready to Learn introduces the FRAME model, a results-oriented approach for creating meaningful and motivating learning experiences across grade levels and content areas. Rely on the model’s five steps–(1) focus, (2) reach, (3) ask, (4) model, and (5) encourage–to help you launch engaging lessons, articulate clear expectations, offer effective feedback, and foster habits of successful students.”

risk taker - Brian A


“So how can you get your learners to engage? Follow Brian’s journey from his early days as a substitute teacher, to more recently, as a University Instructor, three time TEDx speaker, best selling author and Canadian Prime Minister’s Award Recipient For Teaching Excellence.”

Slaying Goliath

Recommended by Rick Stevens @rickeducation


“Ravitch lays out, in extensive detail, the facts showing that the ideas put forth by school privateers have failed; that their promises of higher test scores have not come to pass; that the “great hope” of Common Core has been a dud.”


Recommended by The ISTE arts PLN @ISTEarts


“This accessible and engaging book offers creative ideas for blending arts and STEM learning (STEAM). It covers the fundamentals of STEAM, with project ideas and best practices, while providing insight from educators in the field. Technologies covered include: coding, robotics, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, photography, video, animation and digital drawing. In addition, the book addresses several different approaches to bringing STEAM learning to the next level, such as collaboration, global learning, project-based learning, makerspaces and social-emotional learning.”

Strategic Classroom Design Amazon

“This book explores how carefully designed classrooms lead to greater engagement and learning.

  • Classroom setups that cultivate curiosity, belonging, and academic growth
  • Design elements that make the greatest impact on teaching and learning
  • Routines that help students move, transition, and interact in ways that maximize learning and minimize distraction Budget-friendly ideas for reorganizing your classroom

Supervision that improves teaching

Recommended by Levi @levi_allison42


“With continual emphasis on student outcomes and state and national standards, supervision of instruction is an indispensable function that inspires good teaching and promotes student learning. More than ever, effective supervision is vital to instructional improvement and this new edition of Supervision That Improves Teaching and Learning pinpoints the strategies and techniques that matter most.”

Talk So Kids Will Listen

Recommended by  Heather Dvorak – @mrshdvorak


“Now, this best-selling classic includes fresh insights and suggestions as well as the author’s time-tested methods to solve common problems and build foundations for lasting relationships, including innovative ways to:

  • Cope with your child’s negative feelings, such as frustration, anger, and disappointment
  • Express your strong feelings without being hurtful
  • Engage your child’s willing cooperation
  • Set firm limits and maintain goodwill
  • Use alternatives to punishment that promote self-discipline
  • Understand the difference between helpful and unhelpful praise
  • Resolve family conflicts peacefully”

Teach Better

Recommended by Alex T. Valencic, Ed.M. @alextvalencic


“In this book, members of the Teach Better team share their personal journeys as well as stories from other amazing educators who share a vision to be better every day.

Packed with practical tips and strategies you can implement right away in your career as well as larger shifts you can make in your own journey, Teach Better provides a roadmap to experiencing growth in a whole new way.”

Teach Meaningful

Recommended by Lauren Porosoff @LaurenPorosoff


Teach Meaningful is a practical guide to designing curriculum that meets standards, serves personal and institutional values, and intentionally leads to successful student learning. Identifying which understandings, knowledge, and skills are “most important” for students to learn is always a question of values, so getting clear on values gives teachers a starting place to design cohesive units, courses, and programs.”

Team Makers

Recommended by @krisfelicello Kris Felicello


“TeamMakers invites all members of the school system to dream, share stories, and generate ideas that inspire positive change. By providing a roadmap for effective dreaming and planning, this book reveals that there is no limit to what schools can achieve on behalf of students

You can be a catalyst for change.”

Tech with Heart Leveraging Technology to Empower Student Voice, Ease Anxiety Create Compassionate Classrooms

Recommended by  Barbara Anna Zielonka @bar_zie – Chelyse Miller @ChelyseMiller – Cory Colby @effectualedu – David Dutrow/@TeachDMD and David Hennel @henneld_edu


“Using technology in the classroom isn’t just about automation! Tech with Heart shows you how to use edtech tools to humanize modern learning and help all learners to thrive.”

Ten Keys to student empowerment Amazon 

“Discover how to work alongside your students to unlock their potential.”

The Global Achievement Gap Recommendation

by Alex T. Valencic, Ed.M. @alextvalencic


“Education expert Tony Wagner situates our school problems in the context of the global knowledge economy and analyzes the skills necessary for our young people to succeed.”

The Interactive Class Using Technology to Make Learning More Relevant and Engaging in the Elementary Classroom

Recommended by Holly Clark @HollyClarkEdu


“In this practical and idea-packed book, coauthors, classroom teachers Joe and Kristin Merrill share their personal framework for teaching. As you implement the lessons and strategies, you will . . .● Define interactive learning and how to use it to instantly transform your learning space.● Create long-lasting bonds with students and parents that will empower your learners and lead to success both in and out of the classroom.● Learn to PIVOT!”


Recommended by Noelle Smith @writenoelle


“Levine’s humor and informed truth – telling provokes honest conversation and debate about how Christians and Jews should understand Jesus, the New Testament, and each other.”

The Power of Showing Up


“Based on the latest brain and attachment research, The Power of Showing Up shares stories, scripts, simple strategies, and tips for honoring the Four S’s effectively in all kinds of situations – when our kids are struggling or when they are enjoying success; when we are consoling, disciplining, or arguing with them; and even when we are apologizing for the times we don’t show up for them.”

The Radical Healing Book

Recommended by Lauren Porosoff @LaurenPorosoff


“The Racial Healing Handbook offers practical tools to help you navigate daily and past experiences of racism, challenge internalized negative messages and privileges, and handle feelings of stress and shame. You’ll also learn to develop a profound racial consciousness and conscientiousness, and heal from grief and trauma. Most importantly, you’ll discover the building blocks to creating a community of healing in a world still filled with racial microaggressions and discrimination.”

Thinking About Teaching

Recommended by Casey Jakubowski @CaseyJ_edu


“This book explores the thoughts that author Casey T. Jakubowski, PhD has on a wide range of education related topics. Seeking to give voice to rural education, in this unstable time, and reflecting on a wide of research and experiences, this work offers all educators, from the
beginning, all the way to the end, a reflective voice to channel their own experiences against and with on their journey.”


Recommended by Laura Steinbrink @SteinbrinkLaura


“As educators, we have tremendous opportunities to create unconventional learning experiences for every one of our students. Sometimes we just need a push, some encouragement to let us know that we can do things differently, and think outside the box. Unconventional will empower educators to take risks, explore new ideas and emerging technologies, and bring amazing changes to classrooms. Dive in to transform student learning and thrive in edu!”


Recommended by Liz Garden @PrincipalGarden


“In this lively and fun book, UDL experts Allison Posey and Katie Novak identify elements of what they call “The Unlearning Cycle” and challenge educators to think again about what, how, and why they teach. The authors share hard-won lessons in a caring, collegial way. Unlearning is a refreshing tonic for anyone looking to rejuvenate their teaching practice and make room for growth.”


Recommended by Georgina Dean @TechyLeaderEDU



“In WanderlustEDU, Micah Shippee explains how we can approach a future that is exciting but uncertain with “innovativeness,” or the ability to respond creatively to the unexpected. Using relevant research and practical experience, he explores principles of self-awareness and presents practical strategies to become agents of change.”

word shift Amazon

“If you want less negativity and more positivity in your life, classroom, and school, start by changing the words you use each day. Make your language match what you really want to believe and what you really want to happen. With Word Shift by Joy Kirr, you’ll never be at a loss for just the right positive word. Words matter. Choose yours wisely.”

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