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what prompted you to join twitter?

By Meredith Johnson – @mjjohnson1216 June 18, 2020 What prompted you to join Twitter? This was a question I tweeted out on May 23, 2020 and again the next day. I found the question received 81,084 impressions and 2,170 engagements. Quite impressive! I posted… Continue Reading “what prompted you to join twitter?”

Books Calling to You From the Shelf

by Meredith Johnson Do you ever sense one of your favorite books calling to you from the bookshelf where you placed it? It is like suddenly thinking about an old, cherished friend and quickly dashing off a text message to that person or calling… Continue Reading “Books Calling to You From the Shelf”

Twitter Chats

Reflections About Twitter Chats by Meredith Johnson What is all this noise about Twitter chats for educators? This past week I briefly scrolled through over 200 education hashtags to review the content they were posting. One after another, my cursor flew across all those… Continue Reading “Twitter Chats”

Reflecting on Helping Others by Meredith Johnson and friends

I worked with hundreds of teachers who retired – why did I so rarely wonder what they did with their lives once they were finished teaching? School administration can be all-encompassing, so my thoughts were usually focused on the next challenge rather than retiring… Continue Reading “Reflecting on Helping Others by Meredith Johnson and friends”

Sharing Your Summertime Thoughts

  Dreams of Summer by Meredith Johnson and #PLN friends Can you hear the soft summer breeze just outside your window? The songs of the birds flitting from branch to branch welcoming the change in seasons and often, a shift in your life. I… Continue Reading “Sharing Your Summertime Thoughts”

Could the News Media Play a Role in Shifting Toward Innovative Practices in Schools? by Meredith Johnson

I just finished reading What School Could Be (2018) by Ted Dintersmith @Dintersmith and almost every page contains examples of schools who are jumping into innovative practices. Ted shares that we roll out, “Yet another round of teaching all students standardized material, in standardized… Continue Reading “Could the News Media Play a Role in Shifting Toward Innovative Practices in Schools? by Meredith Johnson”

Against the Wind by Meredith Johnson

How fortunate we are as educators to have the opportunity on Saturday mornings to chat with others about our favorite topic and read passionate responses to posed questions. This morning, I was inspired by others during #LeadUpChat and #LeadLAP. I view it as a… Continue Reading “Against the Wind by Meredith Johnson”

January 12, 2019 Blog Post by Aubrey Yeh

Guest Blog Post by Aubrey Yeh @Ms_A_Yeh When I was teaching in the classroom, I had this sign on my door. It was laminated, and I would fill in whatever book I was currently reading with a white board marker. I wanted my students… Continue Reading “January 12, 2019 Blog Post by Aubrey Yeh”

Twitter’s Ripple Effect

by Meredith Johnson, #BookCampPD moderator Since I joined Twitter in March of 2012, almost six years ago, my understanding of its “ripple effect” is still growing. Years ago, when I would try to encourage my colleagues to join as my enthusiasm was like going… Continue Reading “Twitter’s Ripple Effect”

GRATITUDE – Pass it on!

A guest blog post by Bridget Gengler @BridgetGengler Back in the beginning of October I joined the #BeKindEDU chat. That particular evening the chat’s focus was gratitude. Meredith Johnson from #BookCampPD posted the following quote from William Arthur Ward – “Gratitude can transform common… Continue Reading “GRATITUDE – Pass it on!”

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