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Guest Blog Post by Stacey Dallas Johnston

September 27, 2018 BIO: Stacey Dallas Johnston is a veteran educator, a blogger, and the person in the meeting who always has a question. After 18 years in the classroom teaching HS English, Johnston is working on Special Assignment with the Nevada Dept. of… Continue Reading “Guest Blog Post by Stacey Dallas Johnston”

Professional Learning – Meredith Johnson

By: Meredith Johnson – mjjohnson1216 Professional Learning – BookCamp Bounce Back Remember the feeling of standing at the edge of the ocean, your toes in the sand, at the point where the crashing waves just barely reach your feet? You look out in the… Continue Reading “Professional Learning – Meredith Johnson”

Ruby Slipper Reflections – Pro Driven – August, 2018

Guest Blog Posting by Julie Gordon Buccitti Like many educators, I’ve been spending time this summer on my own professional development through reading, participating in book studies, and preparing a PD presentation for when we return to school. One of the book studies I… Continue Reading “Ruby Slipper Reflections – Pro Driven – August, 2018”

Book Resources – Social Comprehension

From the time I was a young child, in the early 1960’s, I always wanted to be in education. Instead of playing with dolls, I tried to check out books from my parents’ extensive library to my brothers. To my dismay, they weren’t interested.… Continue Reading “Book Resources – Social Comprehension”

Guest Blog Post by BreAnn Fennell

BreAnn Fennell is an elementary school teacher from Ohio. She has published two children’s books “Play? Yay!” and “Choose Your Cheer.” She is a defender of play and advocate for children! Twitter has been a fantastic avenue for me to connect with other educators.… Continue Reading “Guest Blog Post by BreAnn Fennell”

Guest Blog Posting by Kym Harjes – Velez

Date: July 2018 Author of Post: Kym Harjes-Velez @KymHarjes Title of Post: Giving & Receiving…My Journey in Teaching The actions of giving and receiving are ones that were modeled for me early in life. I was blessed with a family who understood the importance… Continue Reading “Guest Blog Posting by Kym Harjes – Velez”

Michelle Howell’s Guest Blog Post

    A few weeks ago, I was hosting/moderating Florida Educator Chat (#FLedChat), and Meredith posted a tweet about #BookCampPD, sharing the website and a little information about what would be happening. I took a screenshot of the post to remind myself to look into it… Continue Reading “Michelle Howell’s Guest Blog Post”

Sharing is Caring

As I sit and look out over the Gulf of Mexico, watching the sunlight dance across the water, I wonder how I can write a blog posting that expresses my gratitude to those who have so thoughtfully shared their thoughts during the initial two… Continue Reading “Sharing is Caring”

Guest Blog Post – by Cathleen Beachboard

From @cathleenbeachboard – I value the opinion of #BookCampPd and the recommendation on the various books/writings. I would love some feedback on my first blog post. Learning to be fearless… Hi!!!! My name is Cathleen. My mother always told me that in order to tell… Continue Reading “Guest Blog Post – by Cathleen Beachboard”

All the Excitement of a Wonderful Christmas Gift

Can we all agree that a teacher starting a new job in education has a tremendous amount to learn in their first years on the job? In 2016, the number of full-time-equivalent (FTE) teachers included 3.2 million public school teachers and 0.4 million private school teachers… Continue Reading “All the Excitement of a Wonderful Christmas Gift”

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