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Author, Rob Dunlop shared his ‘random action of recognition’ with the amazing #PLN that developed during July, 2020 when spending time focused on his book STRIVE For Happiness in Education #STRIVEedu

testimonial from the three authors

Testimonial from Cathleen Beachboard

This was my first ever real Twitter participation in anything. Thank so much for being a host. It was a much better experience reading with this kind of reflection.

from Sandra Malloy

Tosh @ToshMcGaughy

My favorite part of this chat was getting to chat with the authors themselves and having a calendar of books. It also was a summer PD for me when I had the time to do something as luxurious as read! 😉 I brag about it all the time. I’m in a FB book club that is more of a reading accountability thing, but I liked your chat for the positivity, the posted ?s, the schedule of books & authors, and the variety of participants (from all over US.)

She also was inspired, the previous summer, to use her creative talents to express what #BookCampPD means to her in this visual representation. – February, 2018

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Michelle @tolbertplant

In an effort to grow my “personal learning network” (PLN) and to interact and connect more with other educators, I recently started this blog and created a Twitter account.  I have not been active on social media since the first few years after college; I didn’t see the value in it – at the time there was so much exposure to time-draining information and content.  However, I’m so glad that I’ve taken the leap.  Through this, I have been introduced to the wonders of the education network on Twitter: twitter chats, conference updates, insightful and helpful blog posts from other educators and book recommendations.

My first twitter chat was following #bookcampPD in their discussion of Teach Like Finland by Timothy Walker. Though I had not yet read the book, the discussion was wonderful – I gained a lot of insight and many new ideas for my teaching practice.  The next discussion held will be about Lead Like a Pirate by Shelly Burgess and Beth Houf so I quickly logged onto Amazon and ordered my copy so that I could participate more fully in the next discussion.

Then I had the thought, “But I’m a teacher!  And not even technically a teacher leader. What insight will I gain from reading this book!? I haven’t even read Teach Like a PIRATE yet!”  But, I bought the book and had already decided to read it.  I jumped in.  As I began, I remembered what I learned from reading Teaching as Leadership by Teach for America and Steven Farr.  Teaching itself is a form of leadership and management.  As I started reading, I started reading it from this perspective.  Learning how effective leaders “lead like pirates” can help me lead more effectively in the classroom, be more conscious of how to engage with and learn from the leaders at my campus, and, perhaps most importantly, how to lead and empower myself to become a more effective teacher.

So, I’ve decided to start a blog post series focusing on my interpretation of Lead Like a PIRATE from a teacher perspective.  Let’s get started! – July 18, 2017

Leighanne @Leighanne_geib

As some of you know, I enjoy the community on Twitter. I recently was able to get in on some Voxer chats as well as participate in a nice chat about the text you see above. I loved this book so much that I’m actually kicking myself for downloading it to my Kindle rather than ordering a physical copy. Jennifer Casa-Todd presents her readers with a realistic view of social media and all that comes with it. Jennifer captivated me in her writing style. She gets it. She knows the struggles that we face as educators and the challenges we face. She takes us from challenges to opportunities. I forget who once coined the phrase, “I’m in the kid business” … but reading this text reminded me of that statement. Jennifer looks to help both teacher and student. For more information about this text please visit Jennifer’s website and explore the possibilities! This morning I had the pleasure of discussing this text with the community on Twitter and I find myself feeling refreshed and overflowing with ideas to incorporate into my personal and professional online presence. November, 2017

Meredith Johnson
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