How BookCampPD Began

Having taken the most wonderful journey during a forty-year span in education, I found myself wanting to find a way to continue to contribute to a profession I adore. Along the way I had amazing learning experiences, met families, students and educators that I hold dear. I found Twitter was an amazing place for educators to learn together and began reflecting, “How could this be molded into something that would consistently share knowledge with others on topics they wanted to know more about in their careers?” Then, this graphic quickly flashed across the screen, and the idea of #BookCampPD began to take shape.

Please take a few minutes to launch your online, professional learning journey by clicking on the links to the left. Several have inverted carets ‘^’,  just after the drop down heading word, that lead to amazing resources placed there, just for you! There is also a ‘widget’ on the website. It is accessed by clicking on the three dots ‘…’ to the right of the header words. Let me know how I can help @mjjohnson1216.

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