Calendar of Events

~~ Our Winter/Spring Professional Learning Focus Books ~~

Winter_Spring #BookCampPD Selections

April – 

Road to Awesome by Darrin Peppard. Chats take place on April 18 and 25.

May – 

Breaking Bold by Weston and Molly Kieschnick. Chats take place on May 2 and 9.

Reinventing the Classroom Experience by Nancy Sulla. Chats take place on May 16 and 23.

VOTE – Summer, 2021

If you participate in #BookCampPD chats and you’d graciously take two minutes to help select the professional learning books that will have a month-long focus during the summer of 2021, please click on the graphic below. It will take you to a Google form to complete.

We are seeking your name and email addresses during this season of book selections. Thank you! 

Click on the time to view more details when using the calendar below.

Meredith Johnson
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