#BookCampPD Moderator Request Form

Each month we are honored to have an amazing guest lead one of our chats! If you would like to lead a conversation, this summer, on a topic for #BookcampPD, please complete the information below to submit your request to lead a chat!


Marvelous Guest Moderators!

January – Emily Francis

February – Matt Larson

March – Kimberly Snodgrass

April – Brent Gilson

May – Kimberly Ishlam

June 9 – Sara Utecht 

June 23 – Amanda Sopko

July 7 – Chris Cooper 

July 21 – Elyse Hahne

August 4 – Rachelle Dene Poth

August 18 – Roman Nowak

September 1 – Tosh McGaughy 

September 15 – Craig Shapiro

October 6 – Keri Savoca

October 20 – BreAnn Fennell

November 3 – Elyse Hahne

November 17 – Julie Gordon-Buccitti

December 1 – Michelle Howell

January 19th – Kym Harjes-Velez

A resource that may come in handy in learning how to set up a chat using Tweetdeck

Some love using the following graphic design programs – Adobe Spark and Canva – they might come in handy when creating slides for chats.