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  • Explore all of the professional learning books that have been spotlighted in our weekly chats
  • Check out the recent recommendations of professional learning books those in our #PLN have made, make a book suggestion yourself or use the form to share what book you’re currently reading.
  • View the creative sketch notes that have been crafted during chats and from educators during their learning reflection. Sign-up to sketch note one of the future chats!
  • Scroll through the calendar of events or explore the upcoming book studies other educators are sharing.
  • Super easy to see the upcoming weekly chat questions and also wander through months and months of previous questions. Tweets from prior chats are also shared with links in @Wakelets by date and book focus.
  • Voice and choice of educators is of paramount importance! Twice monthly guest moderators lead the conversation. There is a page to sign-up to become a guest moderator and also a lengthy list of the lead learners who have so graciously served in that role.
  • Books are selected to be in the spotlight, initially, from being recommended, then those books are shared on the ‘Books Recommended By PLN Friends’ page. From this page they are included in one of the three surveys that take place during a year. Thousands of educators use their voice and choice to select the books that receive the most votes. These become the focus books. ALL books that have been recommended are considered front-runners!
  • There are Summer Learning opportunities
  • #COVID-19/#remotelearning resources. These are all free and educators from all over the world have used this web page to locate just the right resource to use with students. They were all grabbed from tweets that stellar educators made on Twitter.
  • Celebrations of the #OneWord2020 and #OneWord2019 selections
  • An example of a professional learning journey
  • Ideas for those planning to attend a conference
  • Blog posts include those shared by #PLN members who wanted to ‘get their feet wet’ with trying this medium
  • Testimonials that share what educators gained by contributing to #BookCampPD chats or Summer Learning opportunities. They explain the positive impact participating has had on their lives and why the decision they’ve made about professional learning books is a good one for them.
  • Twitter Hashtag Search device is also included. This allows educators to quickly fill in a form with one or two words and locate a chat they would like to participate in. They can search by the hashtag and find out when a chat takes place, a day of the week, specific time of day, or if they use keywords by subject (i.e. math).
  • Finally, there is also a contact page to connect with Meredith Johnson by email