Summertime! Professional Learning – FAR – Friends and Reading

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Now that summer has arrived, #BookCampPD shifts from four weekly chat topics to being engaged with other educators, when your schedule permits, about books that will be highlighted during June, July and August. You can tweet anytime, day or night beginning June 1st! Simply follow the hashtag #BookCampPD  You have all day to tweet, retweet and reply to colleagues. You can learn more by jumping over the the ‘Blog’ tab or simply clicking on this link – All of the easy explanations are there waiting for you!

What Are Each of the Weekly Chat Topics About?

Each half hour session of #BookCampPD seems to fly by and conclude as quickly as it begins. It is fast paced, personalized learning that is differentiated for you. There are many perspectives shared and you have the ability to connect with others as much or little as you would like. Returning to the hashtag during the week, you will extend your learning as others often post words of encouragement or resources.

Spring BookCampPD

Book Tasting

Talking About Books

The first Saturday of each month, #BookCampPD focuses the topic and questions around having educators share the titles of books they are currently reading. A question is usually also tossed into the mix related to the guest author who will be joining the chat on the final Saturday of the month in order to increase awareness and prepare those who wish to focus on that book.

Porch Swing

Sharing Strategies/Resources

The second Saturday of each month, #BookCampPD focuses the topic and questions around having educators share strategies and resources that are taking place in their classroom, school, district or local setting from a book they are reading or have read in the past. It is a “throw back” to the past, when on a warm summer evenings, neighbors often gathered together on front porches shared stories, laughed and built friendships that lasted a lifetime.

Shine the Spotlight

Brag About What Your Classroom, School, District or Local Setting is Implementing

The third Saturday of each month, #BookCampPD focuses the topic and questions around having educators brag about what they are implementing related to the ideas they are learning in the books they have been reading. So often the words, “I never thought of doing that!” fly across the screen. You have all heard the expression – “Team Work Makes the Dream Work” and this is the perfect example of “WE” taking place each week. Those sharing are encouraged to post photos or examples of work. Bragging is encouraged.

Guest Authors

Authors Answer Questions

The final Saturday of each month, #BookCampPD is thrilled to have amazing authors join our #PLN and explain aspects of their books in greater detail. At the conclusion of the chat, be prepared with your own questions to ask, something that made you wonder, or a question about the future of that content area.