What is Your WHY Behind Professional Learning? by Meredith Johnson

This morning I have been reading the book, Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek. You’ve already read the book? Terrific! Since it was published in 2009, ten years ago, I would imagine many of those who selected it as one of our top ten Fall Focus books recommended it from the impact they felt in their own lives. I am only in the very beginning pages of the book, yet it has my wheels turning as to WHY educators seek out professional learning and collaboration with others.

I ask you the question to ponder and reflect upon, WHY do you seek out professional learning and collaborating with others?

You read books, attend conferences, listen to podcasts, spend some of your weekend at an EdCamp, travel far and wide to present your ideas and experiences with others, grab the recent edition of Education Week, Educational Leadership, or a journal published centered on your content area. You also participate on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever the latest and greatest social media site that fits your learning. I am certain that most of you know a teacher down the hall who hasn’t read a book or joined any of the learning opportunities mentioned above. They might even laugh when you mention something you recently learned about during your favorite Twitter chat. Does that dissuade you? Not in the least bit!

So, I pose the question – Why is professional learning and collaborating with other so important to you?

I sincerely hope some of you who read this will jump onto the Twitter hashtag #BookCampPD, locate the question and provide your answer. I believe we can all learn from the reflective responses that are shared.

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