#FAR – Friends and Reading – Summer Professional Learning at #BookCampPD!

Let’s get engaged with other educators, when your schedule permits, about books that will be highlighted during June, July and August at #BookCampPD. You can tweet anytime, day or night beginning June 1st! You have all day to tweet, retweet and reply to colleagues.

Hope you will get as excited as I am about the following, ongoing activities, that will take place during the two weeks each book is highlighted.

How You Can Jump Into Participating!


Several times each day a question, related to the book that is highlighted, will be posed at the #BookCampPD hashtag for you to respond to. If you miss the stream when the question is posted, just search #BookCampPD and you will find the question. Be creative!

Copy of question! (1)

Twice each week, four times during when a book is highlighted, a photograph or graphic will be posted at the hashtag #BookCampPD. Please share what the photograph or graphic idea reminds of you from the book and post at the hashtag #BookCampPD.

Copy of Copy of question!

Everyone has favorite quotes from the books they read. During the two weeks a book is highlighted, please share out that quote and add the page number. Caring is sharing! We are excited to read what quote you select.

Copy of Copy of Copy of question!

Extend your reading of a book to include collaborating with someone at your school, district or #PLN member. Share out how you would like to collaborate with someone and what idea you’re excited about putting in place during the upcoming school year. Please have this be from a strategy/resource mentioned in the book and include their Twitter handle or name.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of question!

When you’re in the middle of reading a book does the thought ever enter your mind, “Oh my goodness! So-and-so does that already! I could ask him/her about it.” Personal recognition of others is such a powerful acknowledgment of their dedication toward their passion. Again, caring is sharing – post a tweet to the #BookCampPD hashtag with the name or Twitter handle of a person who is already implementing an idea mentioned in the book.

Guest Authors

dazzle (1)

At the conclusion of each two week period, we are so fortunate to have the guest author(s) join #BookCampPD on Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM EST. One amazing #PLN member suggested that chat questions, and times they “drop,” be shared. This enables those who have a busy life or vacation plans, that keep them from sharing their ideas, to schedule them using Tweetdeck or whatever program they like using. The questions are always posted on the website that accompanies weekly chats —> QUESTIONS If you miss one of them or want to grab a resource/idea that someone mentioned during a chat, you can also review what was shared by others —> SUMMARY of CHAT

Guest Moderators

I can’t say enough about the tremendous appreciation I have for the following educators who agreed to be a guest moderator during our summer #FAR professional learning. The rotation is a guest moderator and then the author and this continues to alternate all summer long. What lead learners they are!! Please thank them when you have a minute.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of question!

Badges for Participation

Last summer #BookCampPD badges were collected by those participating. For each of the ideas mentioned in the graphics above, you will earn points that will generate badges depending on your level of participation, during the two weeks a book is highlighted. BE SURE TO ALWAYS USE THE HASHTAG #BookCampPD when you create a posting. At the end of the two weeks, during the chat when the guest author of the book joins us, two amazing educators with the greatest participation will win a book, they select, from the remaining #BookCampPD chats – June, July, August. The graphic below was from last summer’s participation. Several educators shared that they posted them in their classrooms and lots of questions from their peers and students were generated about where they came from.

Ongoing - Consistent support of chats Badge - chat participation

Have an Idea That Would Enrich the Summer Professional Learning – #FAR – Friends and Reading Concept?

Hearing your ideas of how to make this summer even better in connecting with others about the books you’re reading would be GREATLY appreciated! Please share any ideas by clicking on this link –> YOUR AMAZING IDEA  Together we can make this an amazing summer of professional learning with each other!

Guest Authors and Their New Books!

June (2)


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