Sharing is Caring

As I sit and look out over the Gulf of Mexico, watching the sunlight dance across the water, I wonder how I can write a blog posting that expresses my gratitude to those who have so thoughtfully shared their thoughts during the initial two weeks of #BookCampPD’s professional learning? They are indeed trailblazers, lead learners, who realize that by sharing their thoughts with others, everyone benefits! ♥

What is This All About?

#BookCampPD’s summer, professional learning – FAR – Friends and Reading is a way to get engaged with other educators, when your schedule permits, about books that will be highlighted during June, July and August. You can tweet anytime, day or night! You have all day to tweet, retweet and reply to colleagues. Several times each day a question, related to the book that is highlighted, will be posed at the #BookCampPD hashtag for you to respond to. If you miss the stream when the question is posted, just search #BookCampPD and you will find the question. Be creative!

Examples of Those Who Have Jumped in With Both Feet

June 11, 2018 the “Question of the Day” – If you had to choose one lesson that the author @AllysonApsey was trying to teach us with the book she wrote, what would that be? Barbara @BarbaraGruener shared her thoughts. Thank you, Barbara!

Barbara post

Michelle @kmichellehowell shared her sense of humor with us this week! Michelle, you are appreciated!

k michelle howell

Tim @TimRiley is so thoughtful to share his responses to the “Questions of the Day.” Tim, you rock!

Tim Riley

Emme @Emmemack46 shared her heart-felt thoughts about making a difference when asked about knowing the only person she can control is herself. Emme, you are a difference maker!


Chain with heart

The quote above speaks volumes about those whose names follow. They have stepped out, shared their thoughts about Allyson’s amazing book “The Path to Serendipity,” and provided a perfect example of leading by example with their heart. Jumping into posting Tweets about a new concept of online, professional learning demonstrates their leadership. I appreciate each one of them so very much! ♥

Week of June 1 – 8
Twitter Participants
@ChouinardJahant Cheryl Kraker
Teacherto teacher Julie Humphress
Tim Reily Melody Bingham
Elyse Hahne Renée L. Villeneuve
Kari Healey15 Tammy Allen
Lynette Richau Danielle Pall
Rachelle dene Poth Vanessa Medina
Dana Gambardella Adrianne Rose
Kathy Meehan, M.Ed. Melody Bingham
Carla Meyrink Audrey_KH
Mike Schulte Kimberly Isham
Kathy Alexander Joel Leal
Rise Up. Shine @emmemack46
kmichellehowell BarbaraGruener

Ready to Learn With Others?

You will earn points that will generate badges, depending on your level of participation, during the two weeks a book is highlighted. BE SURE TO ALWAYS USE THE HASHTAG #BookCampPD when you create a posting. At the end of the two weeks, during the chat when the guest author of the book joins us, two amazing educators with the greatest participation will win a book, they select, from the remaining #BookCampPD chats – June, July, August.

October 25, 2019 (1)

Interested in the second book that will be highlighted? Who wouldn’t love to learn more about “Supporting Struggling Learners?” If you wish, you can purchase the book here.

Patricia Vitale- Reilly June 30th

Oh, my! Your schedule is busy until mid-July? Here are the other books that will be our focus. We hope one of them jumps out at you as the perfect topic to extend your learning this summer.

June (2)

Why do I put so much of my time into all of the resources awaiting you at It is my passion to help others and I truly believe, “the person you will be in five years is based on the books you read and the people you surround yourself with today.”

book you read

Thank you for taking some of your valuable time to read this blog post.

You are appreciated!!

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